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Sanswire Designs January 16, 2011

Posted by Tom Frobish in Artwork, Design.

I did some work for Sanswire LTA-UAV Systems.  (Lighter Than Air Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) http://www.sanswire.com/

I created some poster designs and layouts for along with helping design the pod on the STS-111 LTA-UAV.   http://satellite.tmcnet.com/topics/satellite/articles/83517-sanswire-corporation-eastcor-engineering-enter-into-agreement-skysat.htm



1. Jim - March 2, 2011

Nice work, Tom.

Could you comment on when these works were completed? I’m an investor in the company, and would be interested in knowing if these are recent works, or something perhaps created last summer.

Hope to see more of your work being used by the company in the future.

Tom Frobish - March 4, 2011

Thanks Jim,
These works aren’t recent. I did this work through the summer and fall of last year (2010).

2. Bob - March 4, 2011

Looks very nice, Graphics deign a second calling or first?

Like to see whats on back of the flyer.

Like to see a SALE!

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